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Rigaku Journal issues

Winter 2019, Volume 35, No. 1


Summer 2019, Volume 35, No. 1

3D X-ray micro CT - CT Lab HX

Recently, products development, failure analysis of electronic devices and quality control requirements has increased demand for X-ray CT 3D image viewing analysis. Powerful CPUs and...

3D viewer for diffraction space - Ewald3D

Since the earliest experiments, X-ray crystallographers became accustomed to directly observing reciprocal space. Initial experiments were performed using area detectors with photographic film as the...

Summer 2018, Volume 34, No. 2


Summer 2018, Volume 34, No. 2

Automated multipurpose X-ray diffractometer SmartLab

SmartLab, which was announced as a thin film sample X-ray diffractometer in 2005, is a high-precision goniometer with a high-intensity X-ray source based on an innovative ergonomic design, and is widely used by many users. SmartLab has been updated several times in the 13 years since its launch. This year, an even more sophisticated model of SmartLab was introduced.

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer ZSX Primus400

X-ray fluorescence analysis is well-known as a non-destructive elemental analysis method. Sample preparation for the XRF technique can be performed quickly and easily, especially for solid samples. A wavelength...