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Progeny ResQ

New generation in handheld chemical detection

Rapid chemical identification of unknown substances


  • 1064 nm advantage to measure more substances, including colored materials or through containers
  • Rugged, MIL-STD-810G tested tool to collect analysis in any environment
  • Large buttons and bright screen display for use in the field
  • Largest standard library for increased confidence
  • Automatic alerts of potentially dangerous combinations to expand incident response
Progeny ResQ
Safety & Security, Forensics & conservation
Handheld Raman

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Progeny ResQ 1064 nm handheld Raman provides emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and the military with the industry’s most comprehensive tool for chemical identification, CBRNe detection, and narcotics classification in a fast and simple handheld form.

Faced with increasingly sophisticated chemical threats and global drug trafficking, Progeny ResQ provides users with confidence to:

  • Detect explosive threats quickly and accurately in harsh environments
  • Identify a wide range of narcotics and illegal drugs
  • Respond to suspicious hazardous materials that risk public safety

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Progeny ResQ is a cutting-edge chemical detection system. that uses Raman spectroscopy to identify unknown compounds. Differentiated from traditional handheld and portable Raman systems, Progeny ResQ utilizes unique 1064 nm laser excitation. The 1064 nm advantage overcomes sample-induced fluorescence interference, allowing operators to identify many real-world compounds (including those that are colored or found in colored packaging) that were previously “invisible” to older generation systems.

Threat recipe alerts with 4C Technology

Progeny ResQ now has the ability to monitor individually identified chemicals that could possibly be used in combinations as precursors to create an ever more hazardous situation – such as the making of explosives or illicit drugs – with 4C Technology. Often a first responder is required to know these vast recipes or have an immediate ability to verify with an off-site expert. This can cause unnecessary delays. Progeny ResQ can now foresee a potentially more dangerous threat and warn the user automatically.

Durable Versatility

The Progeny ResQ handheld chemical analyzer is the only handheld 1064 nm-based Raman unit that has passed rigorous testing to the United States Military Standard 810-G and IP 68. Progeny ResQ can be operated using one hand with its touch-screen or controlled by the large, hard press buttons that can be felt through several layers of gloves. What’s more, Progeny ResQ handheld Raman chemical analyzer has an embedded 5mp camera for sample or environment image capture that can be attached to an analysis report.


Product name Progeny ResQ
Technique Raman spectroscopy
Benefit Provides comprehensive threat analysis for narcotics, explosives, and hazardous chemicals
Technology Handheld 1064 nm Raman spectroscopy
Core attributes

1064 nm excitation wavelength reduces fluorescence interference; Standard library of over 13,000 compounds including CWA, explosives, TICs/TIMs, and narcotics; Onboard digital camera, 4C Technology provides automatic threat recipe alerts; Touchscreen and large button GUI

Library updates, software upgrades and 24/7 Reachback Support included for life of analyzer

MIL-STD 810-G, IP-68, SWGDRUG Category A, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Core options Docking station, bottle adapter, vial holder, holster for hands-free transport, protective boot cover
Computer N/A
Core dimensions 299 (L) x 810 (H) x 740 (D) mm / 11.8 (L) x 3.2 (H) x 2.9 (D) in
Mass 1.6 kg / 3.7 lbs (core unit)
Power requirements Battery: 14.4 V Li-ion, 3100 mAH, > 5 hrs


The following accessories are available for this product
ResQ Bottle Adapter

Bottle adapter forms to bottles of different sizes and shapes. It snaps onto the nosecone.

ResQ Docking Station

Docking station expands data transfer portability with the ability to transfer custom libraries to multiple units, as well as provide a battery charge.

ResQ Holster

Holster provides hands-free transport of the analyzer.

ResQ Protective Boot

Protective boot provides a safeguard cover (not required)

ResQ Vial Holder

Vial holder allows the user to adjust the sample position to optimize the laser focus for different sized vials. It attaches to the front of the unit and secured with a thumb screw.

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White Papers

  • Comparison of FT-IR and Raman Spectroscopy: Identification of common chemicals in safety and security applications Correct and timely identification of chemicals and chemical compounds are required to ensure safety. In this work, a comparison of two proven techniques is performed on a set of chemicals considered “materials of interest” in safety and security applications.

Progeny ResQ handheld Raman analyzer in the News

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