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High-power Benchtop Sequential WDXRF Spectrometer

Elemental analysis of solids, liquids, powders, alloys and thin films

  • Analyze oxygen through uranium (O → U)
  • Analyze: solids, liquids, powders, alloys and thin films
  • Atmosphere: air, helium or vacuum
  • X-ray tube: 50 kV, 200 W Pd-anode
  • Primary beam filter: Zr is standard; Al optional
  • Detectors: F-PC and scintillation
  • Crystals: 3-position changer
  • Autosampler: 12-position standard
  • Vacuum: rotary pump standard
  • Power: 100 – 120V (50/60 Hz) 15A or 200 – 240V (50/60 Hz) 10A
WDXRF, XRF, Benchtop
Academic research, Cement, Chemistry, Coal, Coatings, Cosmetics, Education, Environmental, Food & food ingredients, Forensics & conservation, Geology & minerals, Metals & alloys, Mining & refining, Petroleum & petrochemicals, Polymers, plastics & rubber, Process control
X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

Elemental analysis of oxygen to uranium

Compared to competing XRF systems, the Rigaku Supermini200 offers superior fundamental parameters and empirical software capabilities in a high resolution instrument with a compact footprint. As a high-power benchtop sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer, for elemental analysis of oxygen (O) through uranium (U) in almost any material, the Supermini200 uniquely delivers low cost-of-ownership (COO) with high resolution and lower limits-of-detection (LLD).

WDXRF performance with low costs

Not only is the Rigaku Supermini200 spectrometer an affordable choice for your XRF elemental analysis needs, the running costs are also low. P10 gas for the flow proportional detector is the only consumable. The Supermini200 does not require a source of cooling water, plumbing, or an external chiller, thereby decreasing system maintenance and lowering the overall lifetime cost of ownership of the system and yearly budgets for consumables and maintenance.

WDXRF for light element performance

Analyzing complex matrix materials with a wide range of light and heavy elements, from trace to high concentration levels, is this instrument's core competency. With its high powered (200 W) X-ray tube, Rigaku Supermini200 delivers high XRF sensitivity for light elements with superior spectral resolution for resolving line overlaps in complex matrices without the need for complicated mathematical peak deconvolution. Analyzing low concentration levels of light elements (F, Na, Mg, Ca, Si, Al, and P) is easy.

Highest resolution for difficult samples

Supermini200 WDXRF spectrometer is equipped with a three position crystal changer where LiF(200) and PET are mounted as standard crystals. RX25 or Ge can be added optionally, with the RX25 providing exceptionally high resolution for peaks from oxygen through magnesium.


Product name Supermini200
Technique X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF)
Benefit Elemental analysis: O to U
Technology Sequential wavelength dispersive (WDXRF)
Core attributes Air cooled 200 W X-ray tube, 12-position autosampler, LiF(200) and PET crystals
Core options He-purge, fundamental parameters, extra RX-25 or Ge crystal
Computer External PC, MS Windows® OS
Core dimensions 580 (W) x 670 (H) x 680 (D) mm
Mass (core unit) 100 kg
Power requirements 1Ø, 100-120V 15A or 200-240V, 10A

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