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X-ray optics from Rigaku

  • Custom focusing CMF X-ray optics for X-ray diffraction

  • Special CMF optic designed for SAXS instrumentation

  • Custom Confocal Max-Flux focusing optics for beamline applications

  • Multilayer optics for extreme UV lithography patterning of semiconductor wafers

  • Custom designed optics for EUV and X-ray sources

  • Focusing graded multilayer monochromator for TXRF

  • Parallel beam graded multilayer monochromator for XRD

  • Light element analyzer for laboratory XRF instruments

  • Single wavelength Confocal Max-Flux (CMF) optics for protein crystallography

  • 人工多層膜 X線集光ミラー VariMax


  • Dual wavelength Confocal Max-Flux (CMF) optics for single crystal X-ray diffraction

  • 2波長X線光学系 VariMax DW


  • PIN diode based detector for alignment of laboratory devices or long term monitoring of X-ray intensity.