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Submicron CT for the Pharmaceutical Industry

AppNote XCT2102: Submicron CT for the Pharmaceutical Industry




X-ray submicron computed tomography (submicron CT) is one of the most powerful methods for 3D visualization and inspection of any type of sample or product. This non-destructive method provides sufficient resolution and contrast to evaluate any microstructural features, with the ability to resolve structures even below one micron. Moreover, this method requires minimal/no sample preparation, eliminating complicated tasks such as embedding, coating or thin slicing required with other high-resolution methods. The Rigaku nano3DX represents state-of-the-art laboratory-based nanoscale X-ray imaging. This device, when used with deep learning methods, is an unmatched tool for pharmaceutical applications from R&D to production and inspection.

X-ray imaging products from Rigaku

High-speed, stationary sample microtomography of large samples

High-resolution benchtop microtomography of large samples

Ultra-high resolution nanotomography using parallel beam geometry